Caviar Restaurant App

  • Accepting Orders

    When you receive a new order, the iPad will flash orange and play a notification sound. Tap the screen to view the new order details to see ...

  • Changing Pickup Time

    Take special note of the date and time listed - most orders will be for immediate pickup, but pre-orders will also come through in the same ...

  • Temporarily Increasing Prep Times For All Incoming Orders

    If your restaurant is too busy to fulfill orders at their requested time, use the Prep-Time slider at the bottom of the screen to temporaril...

  • Menu Management (86'd items & Item Substitutions)

    Disabling (or 86’ing) an item removes it from your menu on the Caviar website temporarily and diners will not be able to order it. Tap the S...

  • ASAP vs. Scheduled Orders

    ASAP orders are placed for immediate preparation. They typically have a pickup time of 15-20 minutes from the time the order is placed. Sch...

  • Cancelled Orders

    To ensure visibility and reduce food waste, cancelled orders require restaurant confirmation. Like a new order, a cancelled order will move ...

  • Pickup vs. Delivery

    Caviar restaurants offer diners a choice between delivery and self-pickup. Here are the differences between the two order types: Delivery O...

  • Real Time Order Support

    For quickest resolution, when you need to make any changes to the order, tap on the arrow in the upper right corner of the orders screen. In...

  • Ticket Printing Setup and Troubleshooting

    You can print Caviar orders directly to your POS receipt printer (subject to compatibility). To set up a printer, tap the Settings icon in t...

  • Updating The iOS Software On The Caviar iPad

    You may be prompted to update your Caviar iPad to the latest Apple software. When doing so please DO NOT ADD a passcode or Apple ID. After...
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